By: Charles S. Mombo

What the hell is going on between Google, Inc. and PayPal, Inc.? In my Jimmy Cliff's voice “Have you heard the news”? Jimmy Cliff, is a Jamaican singer and a songwriter whose song titled, "Have you heard the news," narrates his ordeal about been thrown in jail in Nigeria.

Corporate espionage basically involves stealing another company's priority information to repackage and market for oneself. It usually involves employee jumping ship to join the new company that is usually accused of stealing.

PayPal, Inc. is accusing Google, Inc. of literally stealing! In other words, PayPal is saying the Google used unethical means to acquire data that will give them a competitive or financial advantage over them.

Corporate espionage is not unusual, many companies around the world today are hiring former programmers, ex-military and government IT specialist to literally infiltrate or share intelligence or techniques from their former employers. These skilled individuals are used to head new company divisions whose mission is to spy on and obtain information from competitors under the disguise of competitive intelligence.

Public information obtained from California Superior Court, County of Santa Clara (San Jose), PayPal v. Google Inc. (GOOG), 11CV201863, alleges that two former PayPal executives who now are in charge of mobile payments at Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, are thieves.


The complaint alleges that Bedier and Tilenuis“ misappropriated trade secrets, and “breach of fiduciary duty.”


Bedier, was the VP of Platform, Mobile, and New Ventures at PayPal before he was recruited to work at Google by Android Chief Andy Rubin, Google co-founder Larry Page, and Bedier’s former PayPal colleague Stephanie Tilenius who now heads up Commerce and Payments at Google.


The lawsuit also reveals that Google was negotiating with PayPal for two years on the mobile devices. It is reported that just as the deal was about to be signed, Google backed off and instead hired the PayPal executives negotiating the deal.

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