By: Janiel Jackson

When it comes to advertising and promoting businesses, especially in this current economic tsunami, one must choose the best way to allocate their miniscule advertising budget; that is if one does exist.

In so doing, they must determine which advertising media works or doesn’t work best for them. All advertising media offers advantages and disadvantages.

Although most businesses incorrectly considered cost as an important factor for selecting an advertising media, they must choose the media that returns the best results.

It is believe that advertising on television, direct mail, newspapers, and magazines are the four leading media outlets to reaching customer; however, online advertising such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing which comprises of social networking and social bookmarking are proving to be most cost-effective and sustainable in generating traffic and subsequent sale to a business.

According to Charles Mombo, founder of Chicago-based WWCLICK.COM, INC., “advertisers are effectively working with SEO and social media marketing consultants and are placing more emphasis on the Internet to reach prospective customers far beyond the usual traditional brick and mortar.” WWCLICK.COM, Inc. is a business strategy, social media marketing and search engine optimization consulting company that specializes in gaining high positions for clients in search engine result pages and by optimizing chosen keywords and phrases. WWCLICK.COM also connects businesses, their products, brands, or services to their potential customers or clients.

Before pouring your company’s miniscule advertising budget down the drain, do contact a search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing consultant to help you achieve your business goal.


When searching for search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing consultant make sure she is mindful of the following:


  • NEVER respond to unsolicited public emails addresses that do not have a website, telephone number, or signature included in it but hides behind public email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo etc.



  • Ask to see some of their previous works. As an example, go to Google search box and type the words “candy tax,” and click search. You will notice that Google returned about 78M results. The second or third entry points to an article that WWCLICK did on behalf of Now, repeat the search with the words, “politics of fear,” you will notice that Google returned about 226M results. The eighth or ninth entry points to another article that was done for Last but not least, let’s do one with images. Go to Google search and type “AKA,” click image search.  You will notice that Google returned about 69M results. The first image points to another article that was done for


  • Make sure that your SEO consultant follows Google, Bing and Yahoo guidelines.